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An Apple a day

An Apple a day

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I recently replaced my archaic BlackBerry Curve with a brand-new, white iPhone4. At the time, I thought I was on the cutting edge of technology. I need to remember that can never be the case in this day and age.

The New York Times reported on Apple’s release Tuesday of the iPhone 4S, which looks identical to the iPhone 4 but boasts a “virtual assistant” named Siri (not to be confused with my fellow blogger) that recognizes voice commands by users to schedule appointments, dictate text messages and conduct Web searches.

The new version is also equipped with a more advanced camera and a more powerful chip, the A5 microprocessor, that acts as the brains inside the iPad.

Mmmmm… the iPad. Yet another gadget I lust for but I have no idea why. Likely it’s because the Dell laptop I have had since law school is reaching its 5th year and has recently been giving me the BSOD way too often. In my opinion, the “blue screen of death” is basically a PC’s way of giving you the finger or informing you that it’s tired and doesn’t feel like functioning properly anymore.

As I contemplate an upgrade, I am torn between a full-blown laptop versus simplifying my life with an iPad that can slip into the majority of my purses.

Recently, I was on an Acela ride back from New York City and was trying unsuccessfully to log on to my firm’s remote desktop using the Amtrak Wi-fi connection. My time entries were due at 7 p.m. and I was freaking out. Luckily, I had recently downloaded a time entry app on to my iPhone. I successfully entered all my time before the deadline.

This brings me to the question I pose to all of you young lawyers — what type of smartphone do you use and how do you use it? Do you use an iPad as well? What apps do you like? What gadgets have proven indispensable for you in your practice?

Meanwhile, I promise to share my experiences with any new apps I discover that have proven effective in increasing my productivity or just making my life easier. I will also continue showering my iPhone4 with the love it deserves, despite the new kid on the block trying to steal its thunder.

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