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Feds announce $10.9M in grants for Chesapeake Bay

WASHINGTON — Environmental projects across the Chesapeake Bay watershed will receive $10.9 million in grants.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Agriculture as well as the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and members of Congress plan to announce the grants Wednesday.

The Chesapeake Bay Program says the 55 projects will reduce nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment runoff. That will improve waterways across the six-state bay watershed, which stretches from New York to Virginia. Matching funds to be provided by grant recipients mean a total of $27 million will be going toward the projects.

Nitrogen and phosphorus are nutrients that spur the growth of algae blooms, which cloud water and lower oxygen levels. Sediment also clouds bay water and can bury grass beds and oyster reefs, two key bay species.