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Thanks Steve (access required)

Genius, revolutionary and mercurial are among the many adjectives that will be used over the next several days to describe Steve Jobs' influence on media and technology. For a man that started a business from his parents' garage, Steve's accomplishments are epic. I never met Steve Jobs, but his life and work has had a major impact on my life, and I'd venture to say it's had an impact on yours as well. When I first attended college, I always thought of Apple customers as an odd group fiercely devoted to their Apple computers. I thought such loyalty strange for a brand; however, when my PC  became infected with countless viruses, I heeded the words of my roommate, an Apple fan, and switched to an iMac. Six years later, I'm still using the same computer. On that computer, I've drafted numerous papers, my senior thesis, law school personal statements, stories and briefs. What made Steve revolutionary was his effect on every part of our lives. Everyday, I begin my morning hearing the alarm from my wife's iPod. On my way to work, I listen to music stored or bought on iTunes. Several hours each day, I use the iPhone to read/send emails, browse the Internet and occasionally, play an app. When I'm in court waiting for trial, I go to my iPhone -- and hopefully one day, an iPad -- to pass the time. Aside from his technological eye, Steve had a knack for business -- he could see success where others couldn't.