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Connectivity, technology and the Siri app (access required)

"Siri has wit." - The San Francisco Chronicle "Siri-ously cool" - Mobile Beat "Siri understands what you’re saying and the context in which you’re saying it." - The Washington Post All the attention has been a little overwhelming, but when Apple names an app after you, it is an honor. Siri may be the new, cutting-edge technology that helps guide you through any issues, and I'm excited to meet my computer self when my wife gets her iPhone4s next week. The question for me, however, is will it help me professionally? Right now, I am on an airplane and have spent the last three hours working on my laptop. (I'm waiting for the iPad3, whenever that comes out.) For the most part, I am always connected to the office. My iPhone is a necessary accessory to my everyday life and contains my work calendar, emails and virtual office. I can even remotely log in to my desktop computer at work from my iPhone (after going through 18 levels of security). Does this help as an attorney? The answer for me is yes and no. When I'm in court or traveling for work, it does. Having everything at my fingertips makes life a lot easier than lugging every single document that may or may not be relevant to a case.