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Ex-boyfriend: Slain Germantown woman feared for safety

WASHINGTON  — The ex-boyfriend of a Maryland woman found dead in her home says the woman had recently expressed concerns about her safety after her estranged husband re-emerged in her life.

Ronald McCombs told The Associated Press that 51-year-old Jane McQuain told him about two weeks ago that she feared something bad could happen to her. McQuain was found dead Wednesday night in Germantown, about 30 miles northwest of Washington.

Her husband, Curtis Maurice Lopez, was arrested Thursday in North Carolina and charged in her death. Pennsylvania records show he was imprisoned from 1987 until 2000, when he was paroled.

McQuain’s 11-year-old son William remained missing Friday. He has not been seen for about two weeks.

McCombs says he was romantically involved with McQuain from 1995 to 2007.


  1. And, yet another woman dating/marrying someone who was in PRISON, not the county jail for a few months..BUT..PRISON.

    Can somebody say wake up??? And, to bring him around her child. Sometimes we have to take responsibility for our choices. She did not deserve to die if he killed her…Her son didn’t deserve to be exposed to an ex-con.

    Women wake up, will you?

  2. Maybe she married him before he was in prison. No matter what, she didn’t deserve to die at his hands. This is just another example of convicted felons with violent records failing to be rehabbed (like they really can be) and the system letting him out too early.

  3. Lynn-I’d like to know where in the article it says she married him in prison. Read before speaking out loud. Considering he left prison in 2000 and the child is 11, it is most likely his child. So no one deserves to die at the hands of their husband and the child was “EXPOSED” to him as you say more than likely because he was the father.