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Adios, adeus

With a growing practice and a fantastic little surprise due to arrive in a little more than four more months, I’ve decided to take some time away from Generation J.D.

I’d like to thank The Daily Record for allowing me to contribute to this blog. I’ve enjoyed the chance to express my observations and thank you, the reader, for bearing with my commentary.

More importantly, I’d like to commend The Daily Record for creating Generation J.D. While some salty, “experienced” attorneys think young lawyers are not entitled to an opinion, or lack the credibility to discuss a topic, I believe young attorneys have the ability to positively affect the legal profession.

Oftentimes, the questions or scenarios discussed on this blog are the same faced long ago, but as generations of attorneys move forward, there is a tendency to believe those questions have been answered or settled. While experienced attorney X may now have an answer to their questions, young attorney Y is just beginning to think about the questions attorney X faced years earlier.

As such, Generation J.D. creates an outlet for attorneys to discuss observations that might not otherwise be addressed, but remain in the minds of young attorneys. It’s a process I’ve enjoyed contributing to and one I look forward to reading in the future.