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Garagiola picks up endorsements in new 6th District

State Sen. Rob Garagiola hasn’t made it official, but the Montgomery County Democrat looks like he’s closer and closer to running for Congress.

The Senate Majority leader, along with a sizable chunk of Montgomery County’s Democratic voters, was drawn into the 6th Congressional District in the the map approved by the General Assembly last week.

The map was given final approval and signed by the governor Thursday. On Monday, Garagiola announced endorsements from Democratic state lawmakers. (The press release, by the way, says Garagiola is “seriously considering a run for Congress…”)

Garagiola’s support comes from four state senators — Jennie Forehand, Nancy King and Karen Montgomery, all of Montgomery County, and Sen. Ron Young, of Frederick and Washington counties.

He also picked up endorsements from 13 delegates, including House Majority Leader Kumar Barve and three Western Maryland Democrats: Galen Clagett, John Donoghue and Kevin Kelly.

“I am appreciative of the early support of so many of my colleagues,” Garagiola in a written statement. “I have heard from many state and local elected leaders, as well as others, who have urged me to run for Congress.”

The 6th District is now held by Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, who has been in office since 1993.