Top 5: ‘This meeting is over’

Baltimore has begun installing charging stations for electric cars in city garages, and The Daily Record investigates two mansions in Potomac that are owned by African dictators with documented human rights violations. Those stories and more in this week's business top 5. 1. EBDI head walks out of City Hall during meeting - by Melody Simmons A meeting to address construction and communication problems between residents of Middle East and East Baltimore Development Inc. was abruptly halted Tuesday after two top executives from EBDI walked out when a reporter showed up. EBDI’s CEO, Christopher Shea, and its senior vice president of real estate development, Dennis Miller, stopped the scheduled two-hour meeting minutes after it began. 2. Downtown Partnership looks to continue growth in ‘The 401? - by Nicholas Sohr Encouraged by robust population growth in the city’s center, Downtown Partnership of Baltimore Inc. will soon launch a marketing effort with billboards, bumper stickers and even a signature cocktail to attract more residents to “The 401.” “We have this growing downtown that is incredibly diverse, that is flying under the radar, and we need to draw some attention to it,” partnership President J. Kirby Fowler said before the organization’s annual meeting Wednesday night.

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