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Letters to the Editor – 11/14/11

Your readers should be made aware that the Bar Library three months ago conveyed to Judge Marcella Holland its willingness to provide what she describes as “a self-help center to the public. . . computers for persons to use to research and print out forms and connec[tion] with a pro se assistance unit.” (“Marcella Holland: Feasibility study explores courthouse options,” Nov. 7)

Subscription law libraries which are similar to the Bar Library in Boston, Philadelphia and cities in Ohio  successfully provide similar services to the public. It is not necessary to subdivide its magnificent library space and destroy its beauty and functionality in order to achieve the public access that Judge Holland desires.

Moreover, while Judge Holland is the administrative judge of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, I know of no evidence that she speaks for “the court” and she certainly does not speak for the several judges of her court who sit on our Board.

The noble goals of Judge Holland can be achieved without destroying the character of a library as a place that, in the words of several Supreme Court justices in a leading civil rights case, is “dedicated to quiet, to knowledge, and to beauty.”

George W. Liebmann

President, Library Company of the Baltimore Bar