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Constellation, Marriott team up for energy management pact

Marriott International Inc. of Bethesda said it has teamed with Baltimore’s Constellation Energy Group to automate energy management at more than 250 Marriott-managed hotel properties across the United States.

The companies signed an agreement to develop over 23 megawatts of load response capability at the properties. Load response is the term for the reduction of electrical consumption when wholesale electricity prices rise too high, system resource capacity is overtaxed or events stress energy supply.

As part of the agreement, Marriott will make use of Constellation Energy’s VirtuWatt energy management system, together with existing building automation, to monitor and, if necessary, curtail electricity usage. Marriott properties may also choose to receive financing through Constellation Energy to defray the upfront cost of load reduction equipment upgrades, as well as take advantage of available utility incentives.

The energy reduction program is an expansion of a pilot effort initiated by the two companies last year at 17 Marriott properties, which identified technical requirements leading to a larger program.