Keep your friends – stop talking about being a lawyer

This past weekend, I went to a wedding in Scranton for my fiancé’s childhood friend, who happens to be a lawyer. When we arrived at the reception, we anticipated we would be seated at Table 7 with the Baltimore folks. But when we checked our seating card, we were at Table 17. When we made our ...


  1. wouldn’t this apply to any profession or interest? Anyone who excludes other people from their conversations, talks about the same subject incessantly or doesn’t take turns in a conversation is a bore, no matter what they’re talking about. If you naturally ramble on about the same thing all the time, try listening.

  2. I think it depends what kind of law you practice. I practice mostly criminal, family, and immigration law and people tend to be very interested in my stories, however, if you practice business litigation, estates, or trusts, I can see how that would get old.