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Bananas, movie awards and Twitter

A couple interesting uses of Twitter I’ve heard about the last two days:

First, we’re on the cusp of movie award season, when distinguished film critics bestow prizes on films 94 percent of the country has not seen. The New York Film Critics Circle announced their awards via its Twitter feed yesterday. The results were tweeted out soon after the critics voted. (Ironically, they were sitting at a square table.)

Moving on to the world of fruit. While we went about our daily lives the last few months, a high-stakes battle to become headquarters of banana company Chiquita was being waged between longtime home Cincinnati and Charlotte. In the battle of Queen cities, Charlotte won out. (Miss Chiquita could not be reached for comment.)

As the official wooing was going on, people in both cities took to Twitter to try to persuade the company. Cincinnatians created the hashtag #NoCincyBananaSplit, while Charlotte countered with #BananasForCLT. Elizabeth Flock of The Washington Post provided an excellent summary of the Twitter chatter.

What’s most notable to me is how active and involved Chiquita CEO Fernando Aguirre was on Twitter both during the decision-making process. If you check out his Twitter feed today, you can see how cordial all sides have been since the move to Charlotte was announced.

Just goes to show Twitter has appeal.