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Luskin disbarred

Baltimore-born Paul B. Luskin has tangled with the law once again.

This time, Luskin, who was imprisoned in 1988 for the botched murder-for-hire attempt on his ex-wife (complete with a flower deliveryman as the shooter), has been permanently disbarred in Florida.

The Florida bar gave Luskin the boot after he posed as an attorney following his release from prison.

Luskin was released from prison in 2002 after his dramatic confession to the crime in U.S. District Court in Baltimore in 2000 persuaded Judge J. Frederick Motz to cut nearly 10 years off his 35-year sentence.

Following his release, Luskin (who is the nephew of Jack Luskin, locally known as the “cheapest guy in town” for his appliance and electronics stores) started up a Fort Lauderdale business called Federal Criminal Research. The South Florida Sun Sentinel is reporting that he was paid $1,600 to write an appellate brief for a federal inmate, which the inmate later called “worthless.”

A bar spokeswoman said Luskin had participated in the unlicensed practice of law, a big no-no.