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Maryland slots revenue dips slightly in November

Maryland’s two casinos brought in $12.2 million in revenue in October, according to figures released Monday by the Maryland State Lottery Agency.

That’s a 5 percent drop from September, with Casino at Ocean Downs responsible for all of the decline, and more.

The Worcester County casino, just a short drive from Ocean City, has seen its number slip steadily since the end of the summer.

July was the best month by far for the casino, which has 800 slot machines. Ocean Downs had revenue of $5.3 million that month, followed by $4.6 million in August and $4.7 million in September. With the beach-going tourists mostly gone, revenue dropped to $3.8 million in October.

The casino opened in January, so there is not yet even a full’s year worth of data, much less multiple years to compare, but it appears Ocean Downs will see its bottom line rise and fall with the crowds on the beach.

Hollywood Casino Perryville, the senior Maryland casino at 14 months old, saw the slightest of revenue bumps in November, up just about $20,000 over the month before to $9.1 million in revenue.

Perryville has been relatively steady over the past three months, and that very well could have been four, if not for a pesky hurricane in August.

The casino’s 1,500 slot machines each averaged $202 in revenue per day, slightly below state expectations. About half, $4.4 million, of the slots revenue went to state education efforts and the casinos kept one-third, or $3 million.

One more note from looking back at the slots figures from earlier in the year — even though Perryville isn’t near the beach (I’m not counting the Susquehanna and the upper Chesapeake Bay here), its peak also came in July, a $10.2 million month for the Cecil County casino.

The peaks at both Maryland casinos track with surrounding states, which typically have very strong months — and weeks — around the July 4 holiday.