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Baltimore to unveil healthy harbor plan

Swimming and fishing aren’t activities that often come to mind when most think about Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. However, Baltimore city officials are hoping to change that.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake plans to unveil the city’s Healthy Harbor plan next week along with students at the Living Classrooms Foundation, a hands-on educational campus on the city’s waterfront. The goal of the plan is to make the harbor swimmable and fishable by 2020.

The Healthy Harbor Plan is part of an initiative by Waterfront Partnership and contains solutions for dealing with issues such as trash, sewage leaks and storm water runoff that carries pollutants into the waterway. The partnership promotes and helps maintain the city’s waterfront.


  1. I love the optimism. But it’s never going to happen. No human (at least not one who has a heartbeat) is going to swim in the harbor, at least intentionally.

  2. I am frequently amazed about how much life is in the harbor.

    I believe many of the folks that catch fish in the harbor do eat them. I have also witnessed people swimming (naked) in the harbor.

    Unfortunately I think this is rhetoric. Baltimore needs major storm runoff and sewer upgrades. There are places around the harbor that after heavy rains discharge untreated sewage. Is it possible to bring the harbor back to reasonable health? sure. But it would take concentrated effort, not just talk. It would be awesome to have a Baltimore Triathalon.