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Stephen Glass, Esq.?

Does Stephen Glass deserve a chance at redemption?

The former journalist sent shock waves through the  journalism world in the ’90s when it was discovered that he fabricated many of his stories (you can read all about it here). But it’s been more than a decade and Glass has been trying for much of that time to gain admittance to the bar.

He graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University’s law school in 2000. When he passed the New York Bar Exam that year, he applied for admittance  in 2002. He later withdrew his application after the good people of New York told him he would likely not gain admittance because of moral character issues.

The setting has now shifted to California, where Glass applied for admittance to the bar in 2007 but was denied. The state Supreme Court has recently agreed to hear the case. A couple judges along the way agreed that Glass should be admitted to the bar, but the committee of bar examiners has appealed the decisions.

So, what say you? Has Stephen Glass rehabilitated himself enough to deserve a chance to practice law? Or do you think he won’t ever be reformed?

One comment

  1. It is unfortunate that the state Bar of California — an entity composed of fellow lawyers who self-govern — chose to selectively target this man, while other lawyers like Thomas Girardi engage in grave misconduct (per findings of federal court — Matter of In Re Girardi) and are otherwise untouchable due to huge contributions to “Diversity”, among other factors. See
    Had Glass been a Black or Asian , he would have been admitted with no questions asked and viewed as “Role-Model”, as was the case with Nathaniel Harrington Jr. See
    Previously, Rachel Grunberg was instrumental in harassing quadriplegic applicant Sarah Granda, while all along engaging in a cover-up concerning non-profit charity CaliforniaALL. See:
    The state Bar of California is controlled by large law-firms who ensure that their own are not disciplined or disbarred by having a “minority” representative on the RAD Committee — the heart and soul of the State Bar. This led to many scandals and negative publicity which were different from the present media coverage.