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Law blog roundup

On this, my final law blog roundup for The Daily Record, we have breaking news — The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case on Arizona’s polarizing immigration law.

On with the rest of the news and links to love:

It’s been a pleasure interacting with all of you. (Yes, even you, Pushkin.)

One comment

  1. Instead of the Department of Justice threatening the sovereignty of Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Indiana and very likely soon North Carolina,, why doesn’t the DOJ chase down the instigators of the growing financial impact of Sanctuary states as California and Nevada. They have taxpayer’s money to outlay on ‘The Fast and Furious’ gun walking fiasco and getting a US border Patrol agent murdered. We need the border sealed, to halt the Middle Easterners disguised as Mexicans entering through the massive open regions of fencing. That is a National Security issue, which will eventually lead to a massacre of innocent victims. Instead of taking States to court for its policing laws; the Administration should occupy itself, with enforcing the laws already on the books. Subsequently, the original architect of anti-illegal immigration laws of Arizona as its policing laws is to be heard by the Supreme Court. Whether or not sovereignty states has a right to enact its own laws, when the federal government admits dismal failure to protect American citizens from invasion. That Obama’s judiciary stating that a shortage of dollars makes it impossible to secure the border tight. This is an absolute ridiculous, when they are pandering to foreigners with $113 Billion dollars annually in financial support.

    With no conclusion in sight of the illegal alien occupation, a growing number of politicians namely Republican who symbolize the TEA PARTY membership are co-sponsoring the ‘Legal Workforce Act.’ It will rigorously apply an enforcement law, circumvented by decades of premeditated abuse by Washington. E-Verify has materialized as a champion and has been vigorously certified by thousands of trustworthy businesses. E-Verify has been a voluntary policy up to now, by companies large and small who have shown a patriotic outlook in a exceptionally divided society. Businesses are keen to display their loyalty with the USCIS U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services sign, as a mark of deference that they are not hiring unauthorized labor. But of course there is the other side of the blemished coin, of entities defiant to applying any law, which cuts across their enormous profits. Illegal workers can be exploited by threatening them with deportation and other insidious actions from ugly company owners. This is especially widespread amongst Contractors and sub-contractors such as in the building trades.

    E-Verify on the other hand is being revised on a continuous basis and a day of reckoning in coming for all corporations and businesses. For every business that doesn’t agree with (ICE) Immigration & Custom Enforcement the majority of the general population want full compliance. This is why we must insist that Congress enacts H.R. 2885, a mandatory E-Verify with no loopholes, which criminal businesses can wriggle through. Both parties have done this since the 1986, so that illegal workers could be hired, as Democrats and ‘establishment’ Republicans could do the favored bidding for the special interest groups.

    Even now we see this with the clever manipulation of the people polls, which indicates the key population is in agreement with as a path to citizenship; as suggested by Former Speaker Gingrich. The polls don’t give voters the alternative of ‘Attrition through Enforcement’. Instead, they achieve through this engineering of the voters, to basically choose between mass deportations or mass legalization. IT’S A STREAMLINED LIE, PUSHED BY THE LIBERAL MEDIA AND THE SO-CALLED PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT.THEY HAVE ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED THIS, THROUGH THEIR RADICAL ‘POLITICAL CORRECTNESS’ AGENDA. In the case of a National Journal poll just released, voters were given a third choice of half-mass deportations and half-mass legalization (which is essentially the Gingrich Amnesty). Instead, they make voters fundamentally choose between mass deportations or mass legalization.

    But nowhere do voters hear that there is “ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT” such as the E-Verify option that doesn’t involve mass deportations or mass legalization. It costs nothing to enforce as access to E-Verify is free and simple verification on the computer. What Attrition does do is: Quickly (over a couple of years) moves illegal aliens out of their payroll jobs. Quickly takes away taxpayer-provided benefits and thereby causes a volume EXODUS. Gradually over perhaps 10 year period, will cause illegal aliens to leave, reliving the major disruption in the job marketplace, specifically for low income labor. The Tens of Millions in the TEA PARTY members are not liable to fall for this clever fiasco.


    Most readers do not want to spend their precious time in the coverage of the illegal alien invaders, when their occupied with family affairs or looking for a job. But the audience interested in the complicated matter of Immigration, can read the all the facts, costs at such pro-sovereignty websites as NumbersUSA, The Heritage Foundation, American Patrol and the Federation of American Immigration Reform. This is only a drop in the bucket of thousands of sites that demand immigration enforcement compliance. There are hundreds of billions of dollars that the U.S. Government and states are forced by liberal courts in pandering to majority ethnic groups. That they demonstrate in city streets demanding the same rights as citizens and legal residents. They come from every corner of the world, or passing through our borders every day and this must–STOP? The chief motivation is we cannot afford foreign nationals slipping into America, bringing their poverty and adding to this countries own homeless, sick and impoverished.

    They are skewering the safety net for our elderly, single mothers and veterans. They must go home and straighten out their own corrupt nation’s political indignation. America is not the place of opportunity anymore as it’s been fleeced by our own policy makers, China, Mexico, India and other cheap labor countries. Our wealth is being washed away by unparalleled greed, corruption and the major influence of bankers and Wall Street. We cannot even get the Obama administration to approve the ‘Keystone’ oil pipeline, which will make us less reliant on Middle Eastern dictatorships that hate us. We have oil deposits in abundance that could power America for another hundred years, but the environmentalists have put a halt to that. My thoughts on Immigration law, that if there was any aspiration by our Maverick administrations to halt illegal immigration, they would have complied with the 2006 Secure Fence Act and enacted illegal entry as a FELONY? Instead we have years of disrespect for what the majority of Americans wanted and that is strict immigration laws, with no exceptions.

    Millions of us can still make a difference, by contacting the do-nothings in Washington, before the Presidential election of 2012. Join the TEA PARTY and read their referendum for America’s future. Start calling your members of Congress and insist you want them to co-sponsor the Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) MANDATE of the Legal Workforce Act’, H.R. 2885. A need for a 100 co-sponsors has now been whittled from 100 down to 32, and then the bill can be read on the House floor, to get E-Verify now or in the next session of Congress. So far just one Democrat with a spine and thinking of working Americans have put his House seat on the line, by sponsoring this enforcement law. Call 202-224-3121 and giving your name, address to the political aid, which will bring it to the attention of your legislator. Also ask your politician to sponsor to press for H.R.140, titled the Birthright Citizenship Act of 2011, which was introduced on Jan 5. 2011, by Rep. Steve King a Republican from Iowa; as of last month, the bill had 80 co-sponsors.

    There will never be any kind of blanket amnesty, that’s the revelation of the TEA PARTY.