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Waiting for Gaga

Just about 24 hours after Gov. Martin O’Malley invited Lady Gaga to dinner, the governor’s staff was still waiting for the pop icon to RSVP.

O’Malley sent this tweet Monday: “.@LadyGaga thanks for your advocacy against bullying. Katie & I would like to invite you to dinner to discuss eliminating bullying in MD.”

Asked Monday afternoon if the governor had heard back, a spokeswoman replied, simply, “nothing yet.”

The governor and his wife, Katie O’Malley, are big anti-bullying advocates. The O’Malleys joined Facebook and Cartoon Network execs in October to kick off National Bullying Prevention Month.

(Check out the outtakes of the governor and first lady shooting an anti-bullying video here in which she chides him to “just stick to the script.” The governor is a chronic ad libber whose prepared remarks are rough approximations of what he could say, rather than scripts.)

In addition to the laudable anti-bullying goals, Martin O’Malley has enjoyed a bigger slice of the spotlight of late. He has been a frequent guest on Sunday morning talk shows, taking on a larger role as an “attack dog” for Democrats in the run-up to the 2012 elections.

O’Malley was reelected last week to head the Democratic Governors Association and has been long rumored to be eyeing higher office. His term in Annapolis expires in January 2015.

As twitter user SueBee said in response to the governor’s tweet to Lady Gaga: “you should go @LadyGaga..he is our next president in 2016 :)”

The DGA post led Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter to presidential bids.