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Interactive chart: Maryland tax expenditures in 2010

Maryland gave away $3.7 billion in tax breaks in 2010 that benefited farmers, power plants, biotech companies and everything in between.

Figures are in millions of dollars.

“Other” includes the motor vehicle titling, inheritance, public service company franchise, property transfer, motor vehicle fuel, boat titling, motor vehicle registration fees and alcohol beverage taxes.

Read the Friday cover story about Maryland tax breaks.


  1. According to Money Magazine ratings many years in a row, Maryland is a tax hell for the average Joe. Now you can see why. Corruption and pay to play schemes drive tax policy everywhere. This chart just shows me how much more I’ll have to pay to supplement the rich.

  2. In response to Judy… how exactly does this show that you are supplementing the rich?? I agree that MD has a terrible tax structure. But this article says “…benefited farmers, power plants, biotech…”
    When did farmers get rich? As for biotech – they merely attract educated professionals. Not sure how that is bad. You might want to study the chart again. Because it is documented that the rich are moving the heck out of MD…