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State board to vote on paying $168M to buy slot machines

ANNAPOLIS — A state board is set to vote on whether to pay $168 million to acquire 4,719 slot machines for what will be Maryland’s largest casino in Anne Arundel County.

The Board of Public Works is scheduled to take up the purchase Wednesday.

Lawmakers decided the state should buy the machines to ensure greater oversight when they approved the framework for slots in a 2007 special session.

Maryland already has spent about $99 million to buy 1,500 slots at a casino in Perryville and 800 slot machines at the Ocean Downs horseracing track in Berlin.

The Maryland Live! Casino is scheduled to open in early June.

A state commission is still reviewing license applications for two other potential slot machine casinos in Baltimore and at Rocky Gap State Park.

One comment

  1. This is so wrong. Tax dollars should not be fronting any money for any casino. If the casino doesn’t have the budget to buy them they should not open a casino. Futhermore if the state buys them they contend that they will be able to control the outcome for the payouts. Sounds like the state wants to rig the machines in favor of the house. NO TO THIS PROPOSITION TO BUY SLOT MACHINES WITH TAX DOLLARS.