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Six days left: dig deep for charity

John Cord//December 26, 2011

Six days left: dig deep for charity

By John Cord

//December 26, 2011

Including today, you have six days left to give to charity for that all-important 2011 tax deduction. If you’re like me, you started out strong in the early part of the year, but slowed down around July or August.

Now is the time to sit down with your receipts to determine how much you have given and whether you have achieved your giving goal (or, whether that goal should change or — hopefully — increase). Here are some last-minute ideas:

American Red Cross: Sometimes I disagree with their politics, but they do good work. Also, if you are strapped for cash, you can walk in and simply open a vein — a process you can repeat every 59 days if donating whole blood, or sooner if you do apheresis.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society: A friend from high school developed MS a few years ago, and this is now my charity of choice. I’ll hit you up again in time for the 2012 MS Walk.

Maryland Food Bank: The Maryland Food Bank accepts donations of money, food or time. Right now, the Lawyers’ Campaign Against Hunger is only $46,786 short of its $290,000 goal. For more on the Maryland Food Bank, see prior blog posts by Michael Siri and yours truly.

Wherever your money or time goes, please give generously. We are lucky people. Happy new year.


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