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Top 5 Eye on Annapolis posts of the year (access required)

The themes that emerged in 2011 were largely standard fare in Annapolis and the Maryland business community -- malfeasance by those who serve in government, big initiatives to support biotech and high-tech companies, high hopes for gambling to ease the state's fiscal woes and politicians (mostly Democrats) jockeying for a share of the spotlight as they gear up to run for governor in 2014. Readership of this blog largely reflected that. I had high hopes that Gov. Martin O'Malley's attempt to bring Lady Gaga to Annapolis would win me a few more visitors. But that plan fizzled. So here are the top five, most-read blog posts of 2011, free of pop stars but full of juicy Maryland content. 1. Maryland highway contractor questions SHA audit -- July 6 An engineering executive said Wednesday his firm saw no problem with a State Highway Administration bidding process that yielded his firm a $16 million contract in 2008, and has since come under the scrutiny of state auditors. “I think some of these things are unfair and create a pretty poor perception of some public officials who are doing a pretty good job for the public,” said Steve Zentz, a partner with Rummel, Klepper & Kahl.