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Netflix unveils video service in UK, Ireland

Netflix unveils video service in UK, Ireland

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SAN FRANCISCO — Netflix’s Internet video service makes its debut in the United Kingdom and Ireland Monday. It’s part of a previously announced expansion that is expected to saddle Netflix Inc. with a loss this year.

The subscription service will stream TV shows and movies on devices with high-speed Internet connections.

Netflix is charging 5.99 pounds per month in the United Kingdom and 6.99 euros per month in Ireland. That translates into about $9 per month. Netflix charges $8 per month for Internet video in the U.S.

Lovefilm, an Internet video service that already has about 2 million European subscribers, is undercutting Netflix with a monthly price of 4.99 pounds. Loveflim is owned by Inc., which introduced a U.S. video service last year.

Netflix has more than 20 million U.S. subscribers.

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