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The Eye on Annapolis Podcast

We’re launching a new feature on the Eye on Annapolis blog today: The Eye on Annapolis Podcast. (I was tempted to call it the “EyePod,” but I’m sure that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.)

Every Monday while the General Assembly is in session, Nick and I will discuss the latest news from the legislature. It will be part review, part preview. And it will be mostly Nick talking; he’ll be spending four days a week in Annapolis until Sine Die and can provide in-depth knowledge you won’t find too many other places.

This week is 100 percent preview, as we look ahead to the opening of the General Assembly’s session Wednesday. Nick and I discuss the gas tax, slots, elections and why, according to Nick, “if you want to do big things in Annapolis, this is the year.”


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  1. Why not make it iPad compatible? (Flash does not work on them). You will be losing a large potential audience….