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Family wants focus on Delaware victim, not killer

WILMINGTON, Del. — The family of a Delaware woman killed by the man who had his death sentence commuted this week by Gov. Jack Markell says the focus should be on the 26-year-old woman they lost.

The News Journal reports family members of Shirley Slay appeared at the clemency hearing of Robert Gattis last week. They said they were there to balance the scales and remind everyone of the victim.

Slay was a single mother when she dated Gattis. Last week, Gattis admitted he beat Slay and stalked her when she tried to leave him. In May 1990, he shot her between the eyes.

On Tuesday, Slay’s family said they are thankful Gattis’ case has ended. After he was spared the death penalty, the family said it must be what God wanted.