Senate moves to exempt Maryland family farms from estate tax

A bipartisan group of Senate leaders is backing legislation that would exempt family farms from Maryland's estate tax. "When someone who owns a farm passes, so often the farm is lost to congestion, to sprawl," said Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr., D-Calvert and Prince George's. The Senate's bill will exempt up to $5 million in ...

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  1. Has anyone provided a list of examples of Maryland family farms that were lost due exclusively to the estate tax? I bet no-one has provided examples, because they are “rare as hen’s teeth” (to use a farm analogy). Under current law, a couple can leave an estate of $2,000,000 estate-tax free. So, we’re giving another tax break to multimillionaires?!
    How many and what percent of Maryland family farms are subject to the estate tax over the last 10 years? [Nationally less than 4% of farm estates were subject to estate tax.]
    How will the revenue be replaced?

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