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Baltimore police aim to boost professionalism

After the friendly-fire death of an officer and the suspension of dozens of officers during a corruption probe, Baltimore’s police department has hired outsiders to lead the department’s internal investigations and training efforts.

Baltimore City Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III

Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld on Friday introduced new Internal Investigations Division Director Grayling Williams, who spent most of his career with the Drug Enforcement Administration, and training director John King, who spent decades with Montgomery County police.

Bealefeld also introduced Maj. Margaret Barillaro, who will lead the department’s effort to attain accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. The process will require rewriting department policies.

Bealefeld says this is part of an effort to make the department more professional and make sure officers are serving the community.

One comment

  1. it still doesn’t explain why Deborah Owens the former deputy police commissioner was not also brought up on charges in the torbet shooting,and why some police officials lied and said there were enough police officers working that night,when they know that is not true.the family of that officer should be completely informed

    it also doesn’t explain Owens niece police officer Debbie McMillan part in the torbet shooting,her neglect of duty for the third time
    sources say Owens destroyed evidence that involved her niece