Baltimore City high school goes high-tech with tablets

Reginald F. Lewis High School is one of four Maryland schools participating in Verizon Wireless’ Mobile Learning Lab, a program where a Samsung Galaxy tablet-filled bus comes to the school once a week. This month, the school launched another partnership with Verizon Wireless: a 12-week trial of the Samsung tablets for use in Spanish classes.

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  1. Congrats Dr Wilson,
    When you were first transferred to Reginald Lewis High, I sighed.
    But, since you have been there your presence has made significant
    differences in the lives of the youth who walk the halls that I once
    walked as a student of Northern High.

    We would have never imagined that firstly our school’s name would
    be changed 30 yrs later. Second, that an African American we sit
    in the principals chair in our school building.

    Alumni of ole Northern High need to decide to come back and help
    you. I think I will.
    Stay Blessed, Stay Strong,

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