Top 5: ‘I think we have a crisis in front of us’

The latest developments stemming from the Court of Appeals' counsel-at-bail ruling were both among the most-read legal stories of the week. Days after a House Judiciary Committee appeared poised to undo the Court of Appeals' decision, the top court said it would delay putting it into effect for another two weeks. The Top 5 also includes a judge's pending retirement and a state-approved settlement of an Eastern Shore sex-abuse lawsuit. 1. Judge Eyler to step down a little early -- by Steve Lash Court of Special Appeals Judge James R. Eyler will step down May 1, about 2½ months before the Maryland Constitution would compel his retirement at age 70. “My intention has been to go into private mediation,” Eyler said last week in explaining his decision to retire early from the bench. “The sooner that occurs, the better. That is why I’m not waiting until July 13.” Eyler, who has served on the intermediate appellate court since Jan. 9, 1996, said he would remain available after May 1 to hear cases by special assignment. 2. Mom with latex allergy wins in Court of Appeals -- by Steve Lash A private nursery school violated a Howard County statute by refusing to accommodate a mother’s request to stop using latex gloves when changing diapers, Maryland’s highest court has held.

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