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A smaller Huguely?

This is not intended to make light of the trial happening down in Charlottesville. The story of Yeardley Love is a tragedy, and reliving it at George Huguely’s trial has to be a nightmare for her family and for anyone connected in any way to Love or Huguely.

But after seeing photos from the opening days of the trial, there’s one question that keeps going through my mind: What happened to George Huguely? In that infamous mug shot from almost two years ago, he looks big, tough, menacing, hair going in every direction. His face is tan and full, his eyes dark and staring blankly ahead.

Fast forward to this week: he walks into the courthouse in handcuffs, his skin pale, eyes sunken behind his cheekbones. His sport coat appears to be wearing him. His hair is cropped closer. It’s hard to believe he played college sports at an elite level.

Is one the face of a guilty man, the other the face of an innocent man? Or is it the same person, transformed by the gravity of all that has happened since that fateful night in May 2010?

I guess it’s up to the jury to decide.


  1. Questioning whether this guy is innocent because he’s lost weight in prison is dispicable. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. Anyone ever wonder if it was “Roid Rage?”

  3. well, duh. first of all, he hasn’t been playing sports for a while. he isn’t bloated from binge drinking and he’s 2 years older and is living in jail.

    again, duh.