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Blawg roundup

The February issue of the ABA Journal contained the winners of its annual Blawg 100, a contest of the best legal blogs in 12 categories, including news, trial practice, opinion and legal technology.

The only winning blog I had heard of was Above the Law, which has been my (and I think everyone else’s) go-to source for informative and funny posts about legal happenings and the legal profession, as well as occasional disdain for the profession. It’s especially good for BigLaw lawyers and has great coverage of how bonuses are stacking up across the various firms each year.

While I really like the news and the humor, I find the BigLaw talk a bit irrelevant to me in my downtime, so it’s nice to add some new blogs to the mix. Among the Blawg100, I particularly liked Lowering the Bar,  which describes ridiculous and funny lawsuits. I also liked Abnormal Use, which contains stories about interesting tort lawsuits, product mishaps and personal stories from attorneys.

An ABA Journal reader suggested the Blawg 100 include Twitter feeds next year. (The Blawg 100 is also happens to be available in convenient Twitter form.) These are particularly good if you want detailed coverage of a specific event, like this Twitter feed that provides regular Huguely trial updates and additional information about the story (and I am sure there are others).

Even some local law firms have funny and informational Twitter feeds.

Any other blogs out there that are worth making part of your daily routine?


  1. Above the Law is the functional equivalent of the cave paintings of adolescent boys on the hunt. (See Dale Guthrie’s The Nature of Paleolithic Art, for an excellent discussion.) It is sophomoric, vulgar, and not too bright. I’m surprised you tell people you read it. That you think “everyone” does disqualifies you from serious empirical research. Ordinarily, I’d say a person in your situation ought to get out more, but maybe that wouldn’t work here either.

  2. Hi Puskin, thanks for commenting. I have to say, you had me fooled. I would have pegged you as an avid ATL reader. Since you don’t read it I’d love to hear your thoughts on this post (some interpretation required)