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Frederick County considers English-language ordinance

FREDERICK — Frederick County officials are asking citizens to weigh in on a proposed ordinance making English the official language of Frederick County government.

The proposal is up for a public hearing Tuesday night in Frederick.

Board President Blaine Young says it would help deter illegal immigrants from settling in Frederick County.

It would require official actions of Frederick County to be taken only in English. But there are so many exceptions that opponents say nothing will be gained by passing the measure.

For example, other languages could be used to protect public health and public safety; to protect the rights of criminal defendants; and to promote trade and tourism.

The county commissioners proclaimed English the county’s official language in 2008. Proponents say an ordinance would have more staying power.

One comment

  1. Let me see now….they want to make ENGLISH the official language…Well, it is the OFFICIAL language.

    What these azzwipe politicians NEED to be doing is making AT&T, Verizon, Sears, JC Penny STOP forcing legal citizens to pick 1 for English…English speakers should not have to pick any language.

    And, how about enforcing laws about ILLEGAL immigrants who are in this country ILLEGALLY..Now, that would take some balls…obviously lacking in MARYLAND….

    And, guess what Blaine Young….YOU already have illegals settled in your COUNTY….idiot