A race to the… zzzzzz

As I read Sarah's post about time spent outside the office, a flood of different thoughts passed through my mind. First, I always feel like I have no time for anything. Second, bar associations? I can't even figure out why I am always going to bed at 1 a.m., when it makes the morning extra-uber miserable. Third, why did I go to law school again? I keed, I keed. Sort of. The desire to strike an ideal work-life balance has been a struggle for me since day one of my associate's career. I am not at a crazy and scary BigLaw firm, but my firm does expect its associates to make their goals. As one of the few associates in one of the smaller branch offices, I know it is easy to feel like you are on a very depressing island, churning away at a thankless career. As I see young attorneys, especially my fellow bloggers who seem to find the time and energy to help the community, participate in bar or professional organizations, be a supportive spouse AND raise kids, I want to hang my head in shame (and I'm neither married nor have kids). I have been making headway where I can -- participating in this blog, getting more involved in a professional organization catering to corporate defense counsel and... oh yeah, the small task of trying to make my associate goals.

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