Baltimore County approves transgender discrimination ban

Baltimore County has become the fourth local government in the state to approve a measure protecting transgender people from discrimination.

The County Council approved the measure on Tuesday. It prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression and sexual orientation when it comes to housing, employment, public accommodations and financing.

Council members did not add an amendment proposal that would have specifically exempted bathrooms. Instead, they amended the measure so that the protections do not apply to “distinctly private or personal” facilities.

The council’s approval comes nearly a year after a transgender woman was viciously beaten when she tried to use the restroom at a McDonald’s restaurant in Rosedale.

Baltimore City and Montgomery and Howard counties also have transgender protections.


  1. Please, please tell me. What the heck is a “transgender woman”? And was this person using the men’s or women’s bathroom in Rosedale? Unless, of course, such distinctions label me as a hate-monger, but I would like to know before I use another restroom in Baltimore County. I would gladly go to another county just to feel safe to pee.

  2. To answer the question: “what the heck is a transgender woman”. A transgender woman is born physically male but has always self-identified as female. I know this because I am a trans-woman. Yes, this person like myself would use the women’s bathroom because we are identified visually and personally AS WOMEN. Its extremely offensive for you to leave the county just to pee because you are bigoted against trans people. Trans people are NOT sexual predators, you should be ashamed of yourself for your comments .

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