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Lt. Gov. Brown asks lawmakers to approve insurance law bill

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown says the legislature needs approve a bill that continues to set up guidelines for a government-developed health insurance market.

Brown testified Wednesday before the state Senate committee on a bill that expands laws passed last year to create a federally mandated insurance exchange.

He said the marketplace, which is supposed to help individuals and small businesses purchase health insurance, will cut the number of uninsured Marylanders in half by 2020.

The bill faces a stack of amendments; some which officials say will be worked into the bill at a meeting next week.

Brown said he will present legislation to finance the exchange next year. Maryland has already received $34 million in federal dollars to develop the marketplace, which is supposed to be self-sustaining by 2015.

One comment

  1. As Medicaid and Medicare become the target of more and more budget cuts, access to healthcare is in sharp decline. Whether co-pays that no one can afford or loss of coverage with a job, healthcare reform is not about more access, it is about providing cursory care for most while maintaining care level for those with private plans.

    The fact that 2020 only brings partial coverage of half the uninsured in Maryland sounds like this reform wasn’t about healthcare for all, but rather rationed care for most. People are fearful at what they have already lost..good news….financial analysts say all this lost access is maximizing profits of healthcare stocks..that was the point wasn’t it?