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Gas tax shaping up to be tough sell in Annapolis

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland lawmakers say rising gas prices and the need to tackle a tough state budget are creating mounting challenges for Gov. Martin O’Malley’s gas tax proposal.

Gov. O'Malley proposed the gas tax at his State of the State speech on Feb. 1

Sen. Nathaniel McFadden, when asked Friday about the temperature of interest in Annapolis for phasing in a 6 percent sales tax over three years, described it as about “25 degrees.” McFadden, a Baltimore Democrat, says the idea is “that cold” at the moment.

Oil prices are now approaching last year’s highs, pushing the national average to $3.65 per gallon, which is the highest ever for this time of year.

Del. Tawanna Gaines, D-Prince George’s, says while many lawmakers understand more revenue for transportation projects is needed, the proposal is going to be “a very, very tough sell.”


  1. Maybe the governor should give up his limo and pay for his own expenses and reduce his salary to 30K a year and tell me the gas tax is still a good idea. If so then I’m all for it.

  2. Governor O’Malley must fight as hard for progressive tax reform as he did for marriage equality. Maryland’s structural deficit is in its revenue collection and that starts with making one of the richest states in the country address its income inequity and its revenue shortfall at the same time. From property taxes, car registrations, estate taxes, and income taxes, raising the rates at the high end will bring needed revenue. A gas tax that isn’t progressive in having gas wholesalers and retailers paying a higher rate and hybrid and electric cars paying their fair share of road and bridge maintenance.

  3. If the roads were that important they shouldn’t have stolen the money out of the fund to start with. They still are keeping the right to loot it in the future !

  4. Enough with the taxes already! The government needs to learn how to handle the revenue they already have. It’s no wonder people are constantly moving out of the state.

  5. the 3 stooges, a.k.a. martin o’malley, michael bush. mike miller and katy (the coward) o’malley probably have not bought a gallon of gas in at least 12 years, probably much much longer. maybe the should give up the fancy state cars, pay for gas, and give back some gas money. if they had been paying all along like the rest of us they probably would of had second thoughts. the 3 stooges have never meet a tax (and i mean tax and not the new buzz word, modest investments) that they have never liked. of course they vote themselves raises when taxes go up.

  6. Cindy, Since you must have a bunch of money in these tough times, why don’t you just write a check O’malley and mark it for the structural deficit and see if he doesn’t use it for a trip to China or to pay for one of his pet projects. OR, are you one of the 49% of Americans who don’t pay income tax, and believe you are unfairly treated?