Maryland gay marriage opponents begin referendum effort

ANNAPOLIS — Same-sex marriage opponents say they have taken the first steps to bring legislation legalizing gay marriage to referendum.

Del. Neil Parrott says he filed draft language for a referendum petition with the state board of elections Friday, a day after the Senate joined the House in approving a bill to allow same-sex unions.

The board has a week to consider the submission and if it is approved, Parrott and his group will begin collecting the 55,736 signatures needed to bring the measure to the November ballot.

The Washington County Republican successfully petitioned for a referendum on a law granting in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants.

Parrott would not identify other groups working on the petition drive, but religious organizations, including the Catholic church, have pledged to help overturn the law.


  1. The Catholic Church is behind this and they need to be arrested and sent out of the Country for violating the Separation of Church and State clause of the Constitution as well as attempting to establish a State Church in which everyone will be Catholic and subject to Catholic Dogmas and Canons no matter what your faith is or lack of. This is a ploy that they have done in other Countries such as Spain, Mexico, France et al and fortuantely have lost. Furthermore the Catholic Church is a foreign Government and has no business or rights to meddles into the affairs of Government.

    The Constitution expressly states that States shall have no right to deal with Foreign Governments nor send Ambassadors to other other countries. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH—-we have seen the horrors of mixing church and state as is currently the case in Afghanistan and other Islamic Countries where intolerance of others is the rule and when the Catholic church was the major power in Europe before Napolean took them down—they burned people at the stake et al. They never learn from the lessons taught them by history in which they have been kicked out of Countries (England by Henry VIII, France by the Revolutionary Governmenet, Mexico, Certain German Provinces(when Germany was just a collection of Principalities et al) for their meddling, intolerance, hate promulgatiion of false theologies (eg they once taught that Jews were the murders of Christ when it was the Romans who executed Christ; the sale of indulgences). It wants to tell non-Catholics, agnostics and atheist or just unchurched folks that they must be Catholics or else and to hell with the Constitutions of a country. The Catholic Church is a human brain virus just like computer viruses that damage the correct thinking of computers.

    The Roman Catholic Church has become a fascist promogator of Hate and Intolerance which is not compatible with either the ideals of the New Testament or the United States and is led by a Nazi Pope who wants to wear sheeps clothing that states that he is not a Nazi. The Roman Catholic Church is responsible for more genocides than other governments of the world since their founding.

    I am a strong believer of the right to worship freely and tolerance of all religions or lack there of within the bounds of civil law but religious groups have no right or should have no right to abuse the freedoms given them. Is it not time as punishment for the sins of the Catholic Church against the US Constitution to kick it out of the United States just as the Founders of this Country kicked out the Anglican Church during the Revolution period because its head was the Monarch of England and in the Catholic Church the head is the last absolute Monarch of the Western World–the Pope.

    After all this Country was founded in an age of reason when religion was viewed as an unreasonable fairy tale which the Constitution states as the right to be Free from Religious intrusions into our private lives and in Government affairs. When religious groups abuse their rights then it is time to call them to task for the errors of their ways in a Democratic Country of diversity and diverse religions and the lack of.

  2. Ludwig: You are making no sense. You also need to take an English class to learn how to use proper punctuation and not end sentences with prepositions.

    The truth is the people are against gay marriage and will vote this down. We the people need to be heard; not greedy politicians trying to force laws down our throats that the people do not want!

    Marriage is between a man and a woman, just as God designed it. This abhorrent filth is a disgrace. If it was okay to be a homosexual, why doesn’t everyone do it? Oh yeah, the human race would become extinct!

  3. Send the Same-sex marriage bill to referendum. Let the people speak…what are you afraid of Governor?

  4. Good Evening:
    tython34 and charlotte towers: If the majority rules, what is to stop it from tyrannizing the minority (and therby) enforcing the majority’s religion, language, or culture on the minority?

    It would appears that folks against 2 people getting married are nothing more than Scaredy Cat bullies.

    I think James Madison said the same thiing – just in different words – “If a majority (the Scaredy Cat Bullies) be united by a common interest (against Marriage EQUALITY), the RIGHTS of the minority will be insecure”

    @ tython34: It’s hard to follow your logic: not everyone does the same thing just because it’s OK! It’s OK to get married and have kids, BUT not everyone does it. If it’s OK to work hard to earn money, why dosen’t everyone do it? If it’s OK to be a Republican, then why isn’t everbody? And of course IT is OK to be an atheist, so why isn’t EVERYONE : because we are all different! Respect peoples views, don’t force yours onto others, and keep your religious beliefs in your house!

    @charlotte: I think the Governor might be worred that a majority of bullies will ‘beat up’ the minority. Perhaps he feels he needs to “prevent 51% of people from controlling 100% of the decisions in a democracy simply by having the majority rule that allows them to win every vote without having EVER to take into account the needs of the 49%. When those needs are intolerably and unreasonably ignored and THWARTED, there is tyranny of the majority.”

  5. Darik uses the mantra of the same-sex “marriage” proponents: Marriage EQUALITY.

    That’s not the issue because homosexuals have the same right to marry as heterosexuals. A single homosexual man, like his single heterosexual co-resident of Maryland, can marry any woman who is of a certain age, is not related to him in a certain way, gives her consent, and is not already married to another man.

    What we have by the same-sex “marriage” proponents is the attempt to redefine marriage and then claim that they are being treated unfairly. It would be like going into a kosher deli and ordering a shrimp cocktail and a ham and cheese sandwich. When the owner refused to serve it, then you claim you’re being mistreated.

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