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O’Brien says same-sex marriage vote threatens families

ANNAPOLIS — Baltimore’s Cardinal Edwin O’Brien says he is not surprised by the state Senate’s approval of gay marriage, but that the move threatens families.

The Senate approved a bill to allow same-sex unions Thursday evening, setting Maryland up to be the eighth state to legalize same-sex unions when Gov. Martin O’Malley signs the bill next week.

O’Brien issued a release later Thursday saying neither the church nor government should be able to redefine marriage, a common cry among opponents of the legislation.

O’Brien pledged that the Baltimore Archdiocese will work to overturn the law.

Opponents have vowed to bring the legislation to referendum on the November ballot. They will need to collect more than 55,000 valid signatures from Maryland voters to do so.


  1. LOL heterosexual insecuirty

    Blah blah same sex marriage threatens families. Read this BS many many times. Can he tell me why are children under heterosexual parents are; neglected, abused, abandoned, put up for adoption (that’s if the process of putting one up for adoption goes through) or killed by their parent(s). The bigoted church and the insecure sect of heterosexuals has always defined marriage, but divorce more quickly than they can stay married for the sake of the child or children.

  2. Criminal Edwin O’Brien condoned the rape, sodomy and molestation of countless children. How does this criminal enterprise have any validity on any subject matter? They don’t.
    First of all, having NEVER been in a real relationship they don’t even know what LOVE is…and loving a God that they manipulate and mold to suit themselves does NOT count as a relationship.

    2. They orchestrated child rape, sheilded predatory rapists and then lied and covered it up!!!!

    the criminal catholic church is immoral and no better than a rapist lurching on a street corner for his prey!!!!!

  3. If your family is threatened because people you don’t even know can get married … you’re doing something wrong. Come back to the table once you’ve reassessed.