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Owner says Rosecroft Raceway’s future depends on slots

FORT WASHINGTON — Owners of Rosecroft Raceway say slots or other casino-style gambling are essential to their plan for the horseracing track to survive.

Penn National Gaming bought the bankrupt track last year for $12 million and reopened it to racing with hope that it could expand gambling there. Now, the company could be eliminated from competition for a casino even before a gambling license is approved for Prince George’s County.

Steven Snyder of Penn National tells The Washington Examiner that a gambling license at Rosecroft is the last viable option to sustain horse racing.

But County Executive Rushern Baker supports a measure to expand gambling at National Harbor instead. He urged Maryland lawmakers last week to support the plan for a high-end casino near the Potomac River.


  1. If I have the choice to go to a casino I am going to go to a nice, new venue that has shops and restaurants and open spaces where I can walk around and enjoy my day, not some run-down, sleazy old horse track in a questionable neighborhood.

    On top of that, doesnt anyone else see the absolute insanity of one industry relying on another one for survival? If a business cant survive on its own merit then it should close. Horse racing was a huge industry at one point but times have changed. People today dont find hore racing entertaining anymore and putting slots at the racetracks isnt going to change that.

    Stop throwing money away on something that few people have any interest in anymore.

  2. @Peter Madden

    I agree with you 100% …

    Next thing you know, other businesses are gonna
    come out and say that if you don’t give them a
    casino also, they’re gonna go broke too.

    Anne Arundel Co had the same problem with the
    Laurel Racetrack