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Don’t forget your umbrella…

A few visitors to rainy Annapolis neglected to glance at the weather forecast before leaving home Wednesday morning, and afternoon hearings are sure to be a bit soggier for it.

Solutions for those without umbrellas varied. One man walking along State Circle wore his trench coat over his head, though his slacks from the knee down surely suffered the consequences.

Another man, hair soaked and droplets falling from his forehead, sighed while hopelessly patting his sports coat with paper towels from the men’s restroom.

The award for best prepared goes to a group of several hundred Realtors protesting on Lawyers’ Mall on Wednesday morning, some carrying umbrellas large enough to fit three.

What’s the lesson here?

When traveling to the state capital, it never hurts to throw an umbrella in the car.

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  1. Was this reporter prepared?