How to start a new job on the right foot

Finding a job in this economy is surely a relief to any law school grad or attorney out of work, but it is truly only the beginning. While starting a new job can be exciting -- meeting new colleagues, getting acclimated to a different office environment, learning how to do your job -- it can be a nerve-wracking and overwhelming experience. Here are a few quick tips to make the transition smoother: Look good, feel good, do good. Consider adding a little something to your wardrobe and take care to always “look the part.” First impressions are everything, and you never know when you’ll be making that first impression on a new client or working with someone unexpected. Bring something sweet to the office. Most people love at least a little something sweet to eat, and bringing in some doughnuts one morning or having a bowl of candy on your desk is a nice way of meeting your new colleagues because they’ll come to you. Find mentors. If you don’t have one already, find someone at the workplace who has been there for a while and knows “the ropes.” Someone’s been through what you’re going through, so find them and learn how to avoid mistakes and be successful. If you already have a mentor, why not find another and have two?

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