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I’m on the hunt…

For a job, that is. I was let go from Robert Half recently (no hard feelings, the sales numbers just weren’t there) and have joined the ranks of the many unemployed 20-something law school grads.

My situation should probably give me severe anxiety given the shape of the economy, my nonexistent savings and mountain of student loan debt. Yet, strangely, it’s been kind of all right.

I think this is in part due to the caliber of my company. I’ve seen people at the top of my class go through unemployment, and even have to relocate thousands of miles away just to get a job. If you graduated law school within the past few years, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced unemployment.

I was one of the lucky ones who had a great job lined up long before graduating from law school. In fact, this is my first period of unemployment since I was 15. (Some of my favorite adventures in pre-legal employment included a stint as a bagger at Klein’s Grocery Store and a working the information booth at the Student Union in college.) And right now, I’m enjoying as much as I possibly can the break (which hopefully won’t be too long) and freedom (limited as it may be) about which direction to go in the future.

The most humbling part of all this is to go from helping people find jobs to needing one myself. I took a big risk leaving the practice of law, and I thought it was the right decision at the time and have no regrets. I have no illusions that my decision will make a return to the practice of law that much harder now.

But the other part of why it’s been all right is how supportive everyone has been to me. My friends and roommates have reached out to their networks and my wonderful boyfriend has been incredibly supportive.

If anything, being unemployed now makes me feel like I have a more authentic voice for Generation J.D.


  1. This post is very brave of you, and you have my respect for it. Good luck.

  2. Good luck, Jen.

  3. If you liked recruiting in the legal field, check out Lucas Group.

  4. Good luck! I know more than a few young law school graduates in a similar position. I, for one, would be interested in any follow-up you might do about how you’re spending the time between jobs and what resources you find to be of use in discovering your new direction.

  5. Thank you everyone for your kind words.

    Dana – Thanks for the suggestion! I think I am going to go back to something more substantively legal for now though.

    Myr – That is the plan for my next post.