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Maryland asks for stay during gun permit ruling appeal

Maryland is asking a federal judge to keep the state’s gun permit law in place while they appeal his ruling that it is unconstitutional.

State officials filed a motion Wednesday asking Judge Benson Legg to stay his ruling in the interest of public safety. Legg ruled earlier this week that Maryland’s requirement that residents show a “good and substantial reason” to carry a handgun is unconstitutional.

The state is also asking Legg to clarify whether he intends to issue an injunction barring the state from denying permits based on that requirement.

Maryland says a stay would allow a federal appeals court to resolve issues before permits are issued under circumstances lawmakers determined would “imperil public safety.” It would also allow lawmakers to consider legislation that could address constitutional concerns.


  1. Yes, by all means. Let’s delay giving the citizens of Maryland back the Constitution Right that we wrongfully took away from them.

  2. Sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, and he did so more than once, Mr. Gansler now argues to continue to deprive Maryland citizens of their rights under that Constitution.

    Perhaps a motion and order to suspend Mr. Gansler’s authority while impeachment is considered would be more appropriate.