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O’Malley proposes reform of more than 130 policies

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley wants more than 130 regulatory policies to be repealed or modified.

Last fall, O’Malley asked state agencies to review their regulations to identify measures that could be reformed to grow the economy and streamline business operations.

The governor’s plan, which was submitted to the Administration, Executive and Legislative Review Committee, requests the repeal of regulations including a prohibition on the commercial harvest of blue crabs on two days in November and a regulation that requires drivers who transport hazardous substances to get a special Maryland certification.

He also suggests eliminating regulations that are obsolete or duplicative, like a ban on smoking in elevators, which is addressed by the statewide indoor smoking ban.

Some of items in the governor’s proposal also suggest eliminating outdated language.

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  1. How about making these people who drive motorized scooters get licensed,registered and insure them? They drive on the road like everyone else. Make them pay for it.