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No rest for the (potentially) campaigning

Gov. Martin O’Malley and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell squared off on national television Sunday, the latest joint television appearance by potential future presidential candidates separated by party lines and the Potomac River.

O’Malley, head of the Democratic Governors Association and McDonnell, head of the Republican Governors Association, are both thought to have national ambitions. In their appearance on “Meet the Press,” the governors tried to keep the conversation’s focus on the nation’s economy and off the controversial legislation they were pushing in their home states, the Associated Press reported.

O’Malley has proposed a bevy of tax increases, including limits on the number of itemized tax deductions available to higher-earning Marylanders and an increase to the state’s gas tax. McDonnell, meanwhile, supported legislation that would mandate women seeking abortions first receive ultrasounds.

But both governors wanted to talk about just one thing: Jobs.

Here’s betting that, on the national stage, the two men (future candidates?) won’t be able to sidestep their history on taxes and social issues.