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How I’m spending my hiatus

Two weeks ago I wrote about losing my job. I am still out there looking but have also kept plenty busy during my “hiatus,” so to speak. (And that doesn’t include applying for jobs, painting the kitchen and catching up on a pile of errands that can only be done during normal business hours that I’ve been putting off for way too long).

I’ve been spending a lot of my time networking, catching up with old connections and making new ones. Talking to other lawyers has been very interesting; I enjoy hearing about the paths successful lawyers have taken to get to their current positions.

I have also started a freelance legal writing position that has been really great because I really enjoy legal writing. My writing projects aren’t enough to fill my days, but it’s a good way to spend my time and something I can continue to do after my “hiatus” ends. (Although I do think freelance legal writing would be great full-time work if you can get it because of the flexibility it gives you.)

I also began a part-time internship in the Maryland House of Delegates. I have interned in the General Assembly and governor’s office before, and I love being in Annapolis during the session. I am doing research on proposed bills and similar legislation in other states. It’s exciting to be a part of the legislative process and fun to do a little legislative advocacy.

Working in Annapolis presents a ton of opportunities to network. And it’s not that bad being relegated to “intern.” Everyone I’ve met has been extremely nice and understanding. They have helped me network more than I would have ever expected.

Finally, and perhaps predictably, I’ve also done some document review. I know that there are varying opinions on whether it’s worth it for out-of-work attorneys to do document review.  But my experience was painless and actually, dare I say, pretty good.

I worked on an interesting project for a nice law firm and in a stress-free environment. I came to work, worked for eight hours, got paid for eight hours and left. It was nice to know what time I would be leaving work each day. While the project wasn’t very long and I don’t intend to do more document review, I can at least say I appreciated it for what it was.

I’ve also been trying to do some volunteering. I attended the Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland’s Foreclosure and Debt Buyer Workshop and intend to take on pro bono cases in these areas.

While I’m excited to find my next opportunity, I am enjoying the time I have to get involved in opportunities I may not have otherwise pursued!

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  1. catherine wolhowe

    Jennifer, The Harford County Council has an attorney position it is about to fill. Put Susan’s name down as a reference. The council number is 638-3343.