Repeal of local ethics measures won’t move forward

ANNAPOLIS — State Sen. Roy Dyson says he will not advance legislation to scale back financial disclosure requirements for local elected officials.

Dyson, a Democrat and vice chairman of the Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee, said Tuesday that he won’t bring the bill up for a vote by the panel.

The bill would have scaled back a 2010 law that requires officials elected to county and municipal boards to report the same financial information as state-level elected officials.

Dyson says the dealings of local officials are just as pertinent as those of elected officials in higher office.

The Maryland Association of Counties says the law goes too far and could discourage qualified candidates from running for local office.

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  1. I would suggest to the Maryland Association of Counties that their idea of ‘qualified’ may need tweaking if they are afraid of what are moderate ethics laws.

    Citizens of Maryland are pushing for more accountability for their elected officials, not less.

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