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Kegasus: He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

After an agonizing, nail-biting wait, the search is over: Kegasus is back.

When the Maryland Jockey Club announced the headliners for this year’s Preakness InfieldFest, its officials evaded questions about the return of the beer-drinking centaur who was the mascot of last year’s event.

In February, a mysterious, anonymous campaign to replace Kegasus with the Easter Bunny or the Leprechaun launched.

Today, MJC announced that Kegasus will again be the face of the event.

But it doesn’t end there for the half-man, half-horse mythical creature: Standing tall at Kegasus’ side will be UniCarl, a “part human, part unicorn, part personal assistant and part personal trainer,” according to a statement by MJC.

“We are honored to work hand-in-hand with the Maryland Jockey Club to evolve last year’s campaign, bringing a fresh look to what’s become a fun and engaging icon,” said Jimmy Learned, president and founder of Washington, D.C.-based Elevation Ltd., the advertising company that has been running the Preakness’ campaigns for the last two years.

“We have again created a campaign that will galvanize that younger demographic. It speaks their language. We are all looking forward to yet another legendary InfieldFest.”