Maryland lawmakers don hoodies in memory of Florida teen

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland lawmakers are calling for cultural sensitivity and an end to racial profiling following the shooting death of an unarmed teenager in Florida.

Maryland state Sen. Catherine Pugh, who chairs the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland, discusses the dangers of racial profiling in the aftermath of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida

Members of the Maryland Black Legislative Caucus gathered outside the statehouse Monday to decry the death of Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old who was shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer while walking in a gated community last month.

Dressed in “hoodies,” the type of sweatshirt the teen was wearing at the time of his death, lawmakers called for efforts to improve cultural competency and a review of self-defense laws.

The caucus is drafting a letter to the U.S. Department of Justice asking that the agency review “stand your ground” laws in 21 states that give latitude for people to use deadly force instead of retreat during a fight.