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Rawlings-Blake backs expanded gambling bill

ANNAPOLIS — Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is expressing support for expanding gambling in Maryland.

The mayor expressed her support in a letter Friday to House Speaker Michael Busch and House Ways and Means Committee Chair Sheila Hixson to allow table games and a casino in Prince George’s County.

The mayor writes that allowing games like blackjack will enable a future Baltimore casino to overcome competitive disadvantages with casinos in neighboring states.

Rawlings-Blake says she had some concerns about allowing a sixth casino in the state in Prince George’s County. However, she says her concern has been allayed by a provision in a bill passed by the Senate would impose a 10 percent tax on table games that will go to local governments.

A hearing on the bill is scheduled for Tuesday.


  1. This is a classic example of government spending becoming an end in itself and, in practice, a blight on the very people who are the intended beneficiaries.

    Blake and the Democrats that control Maryland are so addicted to spending that they would rather open up six gaming casinos (in addition to the plethora of lottery programs) that prey on the poorest segments of Maryland than make cuts to the out-of-control budget in Annapolis.

    Get a whiff of that irony. Blake “had some concerns” about a sixth casino until she learned that local governments were going to get a piece of the action– 10% to be precise. What were those “concerns” she had that were quited by this new revenue stream?

  2. Sure. Why not? Then, we can have more families go on public assistance for spending their paychecks on gambling. Just what we need.